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Stadtplanung: Daten interoperabilität im Bauwesen und in der bebauten Umwelt

- | Raum 259 | Englisch

Chair: Dr. Judith Fauth (urn:url-encoded-value:EUnet4DBP)

Insights and discussion on software architectures and platforms orchestrating the digital building permit data workflows and components

  • Eduard Loscos (Building Digital Twin Association)
  • Jagannath Mallela, Abhishek Bhargava (WSP, buildingSMART)


Stadtplanung: Plattformen für digitale Baugenehmigungen

- | Raum 259 | Englisch

Chair: Dr. Judith Fauth (urn:url-encoded-value:EUnet4DBP)

Overview and points of views on Digital Building Permit relevant initiatives

  • ACCORD EU Project - Katja Breitenfelder (Fraunhofer)
  • CHEK EU Project - Arne Shilling (Virtual )
  • Gaia-X iECO project - Christoph Strnadl (Software AG) & Hannes Heitzhausen (RIB Software GmbH)
  • Panel session: Software-Architekturen und Interoperabilität für digitale Baugenehmigungen


Stadtplanung: Verschiedene Aktivitäten für digitale Baugenehmigungen

- | Raum 259 | Englisch

Chair: Dr. Judith Fauth (urn:url-encoded-value:EUnet4DBP)

Initiatives, examples and plans towards integrated models (GIS - BIM) applications for construction and built environement use cases.

  • Dr. Judith Fauth (urn:url-encoded-value:EUnet4DBP) : EUnet4DBP und laufende Aktivitäten
  • BIMpermit Anwendung - André Vonthron (VSK Software)
  • Wien Projekt BRISE - Christian Schranz (TU Wien)
  • XPlanung und XBau Standards - Kai-Uwe Krause (XLeitstelle Hamburg)


Data Spaces: Biodiversity

- | Raum 259 | Englisch

Chair: Dr. Quentin Groom

Concepts, Blueprints and technical solutions for data management with biodiversity related topics

  • Lucy Bastin : All Data for Green Deal - Usecases
  • Thorsten Reitz : Value of Geodata Infrastructures for Environmental Data Space
  • Dr. Quentin Groom : B-cubed - Data for biodiversity protection
  • Heimo Rainer (NHM-WIEN) - Complementing Space-Based EO Data with Fine-grained in situ Observations: details of the non-spatio-temporal axes we're adding to the cubes, e.g. Occurrence Cubes, Drosophila genetic Cubes

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