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Workshop Semantics: Role of semantic interoperability

- | Raum 259 | Englisch

Alejandro Villar und Rob Atkinson

Where does semantic interoperability happen?

Systems of systems context - high level EIF layers

Aspects of interoperability Different types of resource doing different jobs

The Interoperability Value Pyramid

Semantic Grounding of identifiers in “registers”

The Bow-tie view on scalability

FAIR in action - the economics of re-use

Factoring cost of evaluation

High Value Datasets and vocabularies for Essential Variables’

Virtual Room: https://www4.gotomeeting.com/join/570236941



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Workshop Semantics: Example - OGC API Building Blocks

- | Raum 259 | Englisch

Alejandro Villar und Rob Atkinson

The OGC API Building Blocks approach:

  • integrating semantic annotations and schemas

  • supporting modular, incremental “semantic uplift”

  • exploiting semantic annotations to validate examples

  • CI/CT/CD framework (to be elaborated in final session)

  • exploiting semantic annotations in live systems

  • implications for specifications and standards

Virtal Room: https://www4.gotomeeting.com/join/540092877



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Workshop Semantics: OGC (and community) semantic resources

- | Raum 259 | Englisch

Alejandro Villar und Rob Atkinson

What are the types of information we need to manage:

Basic vocabularies

Ontologies (GeoSPARQL, SOSA etc)

Machine readable specifications

OGC Reference Model

Profiles catalog

Observable Properties

Feature Type Catalog

Virtual room: https://www4.gotomeeting.com/join/318465741



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Workshop Semantics: Developer perspective

- | Raum 259 | Englisch

Alejandro Villar und Rob Atkinson

Hands-on session with some of the tools used and/or developed by OGC.

We will demonstrate how to create CI/CT/CD semantic uplift pipelines to convert different types of input documents (CSV, JSON) into RDF (JSON-LD, Turtle), including the use of SHACL for semantic entailment (data enrichment and relationship inference) and validation, from scratch.

We will also give a tour of our developer tools and libraries available to the community, such as the OGC Playground, the ready-to-use GitHub repository templates and the OGC Rainbow Docker containers.

Finally, the topic of specification generation pipelines will be covered.

Virtual room: https://www4.gotomeeting.com/join/432274445

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