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The transformation of companies and business processes, driven by the broad possibilities of artificial intelligence and associated technologies, offers employees and organizations numerous opportunities but at the same time also confronts them with significant challenges. The KMI project (Artificial - Human - Intelligent) focuses on supporting this transformation process. Its scope ranges from the development of conceptual ideas for the use of AI-supported methods and technologies to the development of prototype solutions, their implementation and evaluation. The competence centre KMI pursues a human-centred approach to ensure the sustainability of the developed solutions. The transformation process is therefore geared to the needs of all those involved, especially the employees, and is to be understood as participatory. This includes the conception phase and initial requirements gathering, as well as the transfer of the technological solution into operations. During the Data Week, the KMI consortium will present itself to the interested public and provide insights into current developments around AI in the region of the Central German Coalfield.

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