Trainings & Tutorials

Several trainings and tutorials will take place during Data Week Leipzig and provide insight into different use cases and data sets.

Graffiti Detection on Trains – Wolfgang Reuter, Leading Data Scientist at Alexander Thamm GmbH

In the workshop, the creation of a synthetic dataset that is suitable for a practical use case will be explained and presented. With the images already prepared, participants will then implement and train Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) to detect the extent of graffiti relative to the image area. The learning goal is to develop a sense of the strengths and weaknesses of neural networks in image analysis, in addition to “hands-on” testing of CNNs including tuning of hyperparameters. This will be done within the classic data science life cycle of data pre-processing, model implementation, model evaluation, and error analysis. Prerequisite for participation is rudimentary Python knowledge - or experience with other programming languages.

Location Innovation Academy on Tuesday, June 27

Location Innovation Academy offers 3 courses and 12 e-learning modules to help government agencies, particularly national mapping organizations, make the most of their existing geospatial platforms and create a cloud-based system of generic services that can connect various datasets and services with geospatial data. The session is a training on how to use this online academy

Building Knowledge Graphs with eccenca Corporate Memory

In this 1.5h tutorial session, we offer a short introduction to the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform eccenca Corporate Memory. Within the session, all participants will use the brand new service to create their own eccenca Corporate Memory instance, learn how to build and visualize Knowledge Graphs as well as get further training material for self-learning on the topic. This tutorial session is especially interesting for participants of the Leipzig Semantic Web Day but not limited to these persons. Participants without prior knowledge in the field of Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Web can take this as a demonstration session while experts in the field are provided with hands-on material. This tutorial is limited to 20 seats.

ScaDS.AI Trainings

As part of Data Week, ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig is offering three days of Data Science training for interested scientists, students, and especially non-scientific users. Within teaching and training, both technical and methodological priorities are set. The technical focus includes tools for data analysis, distributed computing, and machine learning such as R and Python. On the other hand, the use of tools with the help of containers and virtual machines plays a role. The methodological focus includes instruction in methods of data analysis, statistics, and machine learning. The following trainings are offered as part of the Data Week Leipzig 2023:

Monday 26.06.2023: ScaDS.AI Training on Data Visualisation

Data is perhaps the most important resource in today’s science and economy. Its representation as graphs and plots is the cornerstone for analysis, communication, and generation of new hypotheses. The course will teach theoretical aspects and practical experience in R using the established package ggplot2. Besides the hands-on tutorial, participants will be shown typical problems in data visualization which frequently occur and sometimes even used to mislead data interpretation.

Wednesday, 28.06.2023: ScaDs.AI Training with the City of Leipzig.

This training is tailored to the needs of the employees of the City of Leipzig and focuses on teaching data skills - in particular on data types and structures, on various analysis methods and the use of the Python programming language for data analysis. In addition to theoretical and practical basics on all aspects (first part, morning), data analysis with Python will also be taught using practical examples (second part, afternoon). Registration is only available for employees of the city of Leipzig.

Thursday 29.06.2023: ScaDs.AI Training on the theoretical foundations of AI/ML

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 20 persons per training. Registration (except for the training with the city employees) takes place when purchasing the Data Week Leipzig tickets via the ticketing system.

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